Bamboo Textiles Faster Drying Socks-KHAKI

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Bamboo Textiles Faster Drying Socks-KHAKI

Please Note that these socks are QUITE LONG, extending to just below the knee.

Features: 46% Bamboo 46% Coolplus and 8% Elastane Socks made from a natural bamboo fiber do take longer to dry, They absorb much more moisture than a sock made from, say wool and nylon, or even cotton.

The Bamboo Textiles Faster Drying sock includes a special type of polyester called Coolplus. This has proven to reduce the drying time to half. Tests reveal that the great soft feel of the bamboo fabric has not been compromised by adding the Coolplus and the majority of testers reported that this sock feels even better than the 92% bamboo sock. However, the antibacterial effect of bamboo has been slightly reduced. It has been reported by testers, with very bad foot odor, that after one or two days of wearing without washing daily, odor develops in the faster drying sock, compared to the 92% bamboo sock which could be work for up to a week without washing.


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